Night to Day

Photo by William Anthony

Elise Durocher is known as “Mo” to her friends. The petite French Canadienne production stage manager/director has been working with Teatro ZinZanni since 2002 when the spiegeltent popped up in Belltown. For the past five years, she has run rehearsals, called the shows, orchestrated the “changeover” between casts, and been part of the creative team developing and directing the next new show. Since TZ performances are at night, Mo is in a period of adjustment right now.

“Right after the tent closed on August 5th I had my first weekend evenings free in 20 years and I didn’t know what to do first.” Soft spoken with a mega watt smile, she reassures us that she got over it quickly and is making up for lost time by having dinner with friends and going to movies. “Just shopping whenever I feel like it is a wonderful experience. There’s a whole other world out there.”

Still she won’t allow herself to switch totally to working days. “You won’t see me in the office until 11:30 or noon. I can’t do that to my body – adjust to the days and then in two weeks, I’ll be back in San Francisco rehearsing the new cast. Too brutal a change. But it is wonderful watching sunsets right now, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.”


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