Croissants, Champagne and Concrete

It was awfully early for circus folk but there a group of TZers were, gathered at 3rd Avenue North and Mercer Street, blinking but grinning at 7:30 a.m. in the early morning mist.

A hearty cheer was raised as Fruhling’s excavator started systematically smashing up the concrete parking lot as the official ground breaking commenced precisely on schedule. In three short months Teatro ZinZanni will be up and running again in our new home.

As managing director Markus Kunz passed around a bag of croissants, executive director Annie Jamison cracked open the bubbly, poured it carefully into dixie cups (“Should we just smash in on the ground? oh no, it’s the good stuff!”) and made sure everyone assembled for a toast.


The grins were ear-to-ear. “It feels so good to be at this point,” said Annie, with a well-deserved chuckle. “Any construction project presents any one of a number of hurdles, but today it’s champagne and concrete – best way to start the day!”


By the end of the working day, the site was no longer a parking lot. Tune in tomorrow for further developments as our story unfolds.

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