ZinZannis About Town

Monday, January 14th is Teatro ZinZanni Night at the Sonics/Lakers Game
Disco Diva Thelma Houston is on tap to sing the National Anthem while our very own Parisian pixie sprites, Les Petits Freres are the featured half-time entertainment. We can’t wait to see Thelma in costume up on the jumbo tron at Key Arena or see how the crowd reacts to the comedic antics and athletic feats of the Freres. Check back for photos.

Christine Deaver Continues the Tradition of a ZinZanni Artist at Gage Academy’s Annual Drawing Jam
On December 1, Seattle’s own Christine Deaver posed in costume at Gage Academy’s 8th Annual Drawing Jam, following in the footsteps of Voronin and Kevin Kent. Dressed in her Voluptuous Panic costume and accompanied by live music, Christine posed for an hour as students and members of the general public made sketches.

El Vez Participates in McSweeney’s 826 Writing Program for Youth.
Also in December, El Vez stepped in at the last minute to participate in the highly successful 826 Writing Program.

Sergiy Krutikov Helps the Moore Celebrate 100 Years
Beloved Gentleman Juggler Sergiy Krutikov  was part of the marathon  Moore Theatre’s 100th Anniversary Celebration on Monday, December 10th.


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