The Royale Treatment

It’s that time again at Teatro ZinZanni. We call it “changeover” and it’s when one show closes and another one opens. For about two weeks, two different casts mingle backstage. During the day the spiegeltent is busy with the rehearsal of the new show, and at night, the tent glows with the final performances of A Suitcase Named Desire.

Meanwhile across town, the Teatro ZinZanni Prop and Costume Shop is jumping. For the show about to open this week, Quest for a Queendom, the need for a life mask of comedienne Krissie Illing came out of the rehearsal process. So Krissie made her way over to the shop for the Royale Treatment.

Here she is, putting lotion on her face.

Here she is, putting lotion on her face.

Straws firmly embedded in nostrils, Krissie gets a special hello from Shop Cat, Love (or is this one Chaos?) ZinZanni.

Prop Shop Magicians Shauna (on left) and Jake mix up the mask formula and apply it to Krissie’s face.

Jake evens out the mask medium and makes sure Krissie can actually breathe.

Finally, the mask comes off.

And Krissie is rewarded with a visit with Jake’s new bulldog puppy, Diane Velour.

Meanwhile, out in the Costume Shop, every machine is humming as stitchers get costumes ready for Quest for a Queendom, opening at Teatro ZinZanni this Thursday, June 26.

Photos by Korum Bischoff. Copyright Teatro ZinZanni 2008.


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