Camp ZinZanni, Day 4

By Alison Sargent, Captain of “Team Water”

After three days of forcing the kids outside of their comfort zones, today the counselors and staff had to step outside of their comfort zones and into some crazy costumes. One by one we lived out our runway dreams on the ZinZanni catwalk, while the kids whistled and catcalled.

Jen, our Camp Manager, demonstrated a before and after, ending the show with her big reveal, while I was afraid of revealing too much. Dressed in my flirty, feathery diva costume, it was hard not to act the part – which proves the lesson that when it comes to creating a character, costumes have an important role to play.

In addition to Jen and I were a magician, a very regal Glenda, a chef clown, several sexy evening gowns, a visit from the queen, and a scantily clad cross-dressing Education Programming Director, Markus, complete with a five-foot tower of hair. The kids absolutely loved it – almost as much as the staff did.

The kids spent the morning with Sergiy, choosing a specific juggling tool and beginning to perfect their technique, and more and more acts are starting to develop. We also worked on a dance choreographed by Sergiy and Ginger, to kick off Saturday’s show.

After lunch we were wowed by both the bodies and talents of Ming and Rui, which can only be described – in the words of Doloreze – as beautiful. Ming and Rui then spent the afternoon working with each of the three groups to develop distinctive movements to introduce their element to the show.

The air group incorporated billowy, graceful movements reminiscent of windmills, while the fire group used bold movements and hissing sound effects to conjure up the image of smoldering flames. Water created a fluid fountain-inspired shape that finishes off, at the insistence of the campers, with a triple pyramid.

The camp song is sounding full of pep, and the kids are loosening up more and more and starting to show some serious dance moves. But with only one day left to put together and rehearse an entire show, the kids are about to get a serious crash course in theater production and how hard it really would be to drop out of school and join the circus. Even so, after what I’ve seen in the past few days, I’m finding myself far more excited than worried.


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