Camp ZinZanni, Day 5

By Alison Sargent, Camp Wranler

If one were to ask all counselors and staff to describe today in one word we would all probably use the same one: crazy.

Scarves, clubs, balls, rings, and even a few kids were flying through the air all day. Group juggling numbers were choreographed, clowning acts reworked and perfected, props added into the mix, music selected, lighting set, until finally, Doloreze emerged miraculously from the chaos with a final schedule for the show.

Somehow we also managed to squeeze in a light and sound presentation, brought to us by Ian, Molly, and Kyle. A thunderstorm, a train, and a very loud kiss passed through the room, and the kids had fun requesting various lighting techniques and were especially mesmerized by the simple yet magical effect of a disco ball in fog.

At lunchtime Les Castors joined us once again, this time to show us the ancient art of Risley, also know as “foot juggling” or “antipoe juggling,” that has been passed down through their family for five generations. As always, the kids were blown away and seemed to already be hatching mental plans to train for future foot juggling careers. But this time they got to become a part of the act – testing out Les Castor’s chairs, and becoming human juggling instruments on the feet of Toly.

Photos by Christopher Nelson


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