Prop & Costume Shop Confidential: A pre-show visit

Recently we visited the Teatro ZinZanni’s Costume & Prop Shop here in Seattle. It was just prior to last week’s opening of our new show, “A Rosa de Rio – The Rose of Rio,  now playing through February 15, 2009.

Here Giles and Jake showing off their latest contraption, the Dessert Chute. Early testing proved to be almost as hilarious as the show itself.

Feathers for one of the diva’s costumes are actually fabricated and hand-painted as the cost of real pheasant feathers is sky high these days.

A suitcase is central to Les Petits Freres act. Here is new “Louis TZ Vitton” fabric for the exterior of the case.

Props Wizard Jake shows off the Caesar-sized martini glass.

The contesssa de luxe, Louise DiLenge (also known as TZ’s Secret Weapon), works on a new dress for the diva as Heather Andress, TZ Costume Design Assistant,  looks on.

TZ Costume Construction Coordinator Teresa O’Leary hard at work.

A sampling of TZ Costumes on the rack ready to go to the tent.

Uma, the true genius of the place.


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