Campy CampFair

by Courtney Hebb, Camp Manager

That's me on the left!

That's me on the left!

Eighty-five camps were represented, 1000 families roamed the aisles, but there was only one Camp ZinZanni in shining lights! Welcome to CampFair 2009 at the St Thomas School in Medina.

I can sense your disappointment about missing such a spectacular opportunity to hear about Teatro ZinZanni’s summer camps, so let’s try and recreate the experience for you in the blogosphere:

You approach the booth. One of our smiling faces greets you as we ask if you are familiar with Teatro ZinZanni. (Since you are reading the Teatro ZinZanni blog, I’m guessing you know about TZ – if you don’t, I suggest you read a few more blog posts and then come back to this one).

However, we are not at a camp fair to promote the show, but rather to show off our six weeks of camps coming this summer! Proverbial drum roll please…

Yes, that’s right folks, we have expanded last year’s program into six different summer camps for students ages 9 through 16. Each focuses on character work and clowning fused with an introduction to circus skills. Objects in motion, juggling, slapstick, movement, mime and acrobatics! It’s time to join the circus!

Now imagine that was just said with a Swiss accent as if you were speaking with our Managing Director Markus Kunz. (He’s the one standing on the far right).

At this point your eyes may dance across pictures of last year’s summer camp. Smiling kids. Flying objects. Crazy clowns. There is a sign reading “Come to Camp ZinZanni and have a ball”. Go on, take a hard candy ball laced with swirls of primary colors. Taste the cherry, sugary, scrumptious flavoring. After all, at a camp fair there has to be a candy give-away (and in our virtual world, you don’t have to worry about calories).


You notice a flash of spinning yellow and glance over and see Korum (the tall one) performing a couple of tricks on his Diabolo. I’m the girl with the pink feathers in my hair and I am teaching a simple magic trick to a cluster of kids. We might be convincing, but we’re not actually teaching at the camps.

“So”, you may ask, “Who are the instructors?”

Great question. I’m so glad you asked! Our camps are taught by the performers and cast members of our show. This means kids will get to study with internationally renowned performers. Plus during the daily lunch break, the kids will get a private, intimate viewing of guest performers’ acts and a chance to ask them questions. They will learn from the world’s best in our beautiful antique spiegeltent. All of this will culminate in a final performance at the end of the week where the kids show off their skills to friends and family!

At this point, I can sense that you can barely contain your enthusiasm and as you gather all the glossy brochures and camp enrollment forms spread across the booth. Lucky for you, dear blog reader, all this information is one click away at


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