May I have this dance?


In the current run of Bottega ZinZanni, playing now through October 11, Chef Caesar (comedian Frank Ferrante) is reunited nightly with his high school sweetheart and he invites her to relive their senior prom (of course the rest of the audience gets a chance to dance, too!) At the August 21st performance, Velma Drury was that lucky lady.

Here’s the heartfelt letter she wrote to Caesar:

“On August 21st, my granddaughter took me to see Bottega ZinZanni as a special treat.  I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the entire show.  You chose me from the audience to talk about my high school prom in 1946.  My family loved it!  Shortly before graduation, it was discovered that I had tuberculosis and I had to go away to a hospital.  I received my diploma but never made it to the prom.  I always felt I had missed out, but thanks to you I finally went to the prom!  It was great!  Thank you so much!  Wishing you much success and happiness.  Sincerely, Velma Drury”

Teatro ZinZanni truly can be the nightclub of your dreams!


One comment on “May I have this dance?

  1. Cinn says:

    I was there that night on a date with my own sweetheart, and saw Caesar and Velma enjoying their prom dance. It was very sweet and I had to share this letter with my date from that night, which brought out a collective “Awww~!” It’s wonderful that Zinzanni can bring so much joy without even knowing it, to Velma and everyone else in the audience. Seeing this picture brought memories of that fun evening back again. Thanks so much for sharing the letter and the photo!

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