A Conversation with Teatro ZinZanni’s Co-director Peter Bonerz

Listen to the podcast:

Teatro ZinZanni’s current co-director is Peter Bonerz. Perhaps best known as Jerry the Dentist from The Bob Newhart Show, Peter has enjoyed a successful career  as an actor, writer, and director.  Starting with The Bob Newhart Show, his television directing credits include Friends, Murphy Brown, Home Improvement and many, many others.  Peter’s career has taken him from the television studio to major motion pictures (Catch 22, Medium Cool and Man on the Moon) to the theatre stage to the lecture hall – for the past 12 years,  he’s been teaching at the USC Film School.

Now he joins Norman Langill as co-director of Beaumount & Caswell at Teatro ZinZanni. In this podcast, I asked him about the differences in directing for the circus versus the theatre, whether his experience as an actor gives him an edge when directing other actors, and why he loves the circus.

– Beth Brooks, Teatro ZinZanni, Director of Communications & Marketing

Peter Bonerz in the tent during rehearsal for "Beaumount & Caswell."

Peter Bonerz directs Christine Deaver and Kevin Kent in the spiegeltent.


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