Kaycee Remembers … Back in ’98


Kaycee Bernier has been our effervescent bar manager since we first popped up the spiegeltent and created Teatro ZinZanni back in 1998. Here Kaycee remembers the early days …

“The first wine room we ever had was a closet, the size of a normal coat closet with ten different wines, four different  beers and no hard alcohol. The overstock we needed, as we were selling out every few days, was stored in a shed that was built right up against the lobby wall, where the tiny little bar was located in our very narrow lobby (which was really a trailer).
“In order to get wine and beer bottles into the bar without walking outside and through the lobby, we had a dog-door sized hole put in the wall. Someone would go outside in the rain, get what we needed and then pulled it through the hatch. There were a few times where I had to climb in and out of that little hole when I was working all by myself…

“That’s when I realize how long ago all that was. To do that today, they would have to put me in the show as a contortion act!!! :-)”


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