Lyle Loves Francine!

Sources (Group Sales Goddess Kat Uzzelle’s mom who was at the concert) tell us that at Lyle Lovett’s concert last night at the Saenger Theatre in Mobile, Alabama, Lyle took a break between numbers to chat with the audience and said that several people have asked him where is Francine? Teatro ZinZanni’s current chanteuse Francine Reed is a regular back-up singer with Lyle’s Large Band.

Well, he said, she is in Seattle in Teatro ZinZanni until the end of January and I’m sure she’ll be back with us. And if you think her costumes for our show are great, you should see what she’s wearing in Teatro ZinZanni.

Francine Reed

Francine Reed in "Beaumount & Caswell" playing through January 17, 2010.


One comment on “Lyle Loves Francine!

  1. Jane C L says:

    Yup, and we hear reports that he did it again at the Beacon in New York. Love our Ms. Francine…

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