It’s a Mud, Mud World!


Ian Jamison, Teatro ZinZanni's Technical Director since 1998.

Teatro ZinZanni’s Technical Director Ian Jamison may be one of the oldest Teatro ZinZanni employees – well, not in age and certainly not in spirit, but in actual length of time working on this project. As Technical Director, Ian’s job is to solve problems for artists and to assure their safety all the while racing the clock towards curtain. Here, Ian shares some of his first memories of early mud to magic:

“My first TZ memories are of surveying this very site in the early Fall of 1998 when it was geese migration time. The geese were still hanging out in the “pond” which covered most of this block though …we had to scare them off so not to be attacked! Steve Quinn (Site Construction Manager) and I were measuring the depth of the pond with a stick, laughing pretty hard about starting our new jobs wading in a goose pond.

“I have many fond but muddy memories of loading in the site, getting tractors stuck …repeatedly! Dolo (Doloreze Leonard) was the first performer I met and she was not too pleased to walk in just after the diesel heater failed and had smoked out the entire tent. The place was cold and stunk of diesel smoke. It’s funny now, but in the moment…  well, we actually we thought it was pretty hilarious then as well!

“There was a very good atmosphere in the creation of a new project, learning about the performers, the crew, the neighborhood, the site, the equipment and the mud! I was new to the Circus world and it was real challenge to understand Voronin’s lighting needs, all the performers’ rigging needs, and the timing with the kitchen service. I remember walking into the site one day after the painters had done the interior painting – they had painted everything as it lay in its place including ladders,  building materials, tools, doors, the floor … paint was everywhere and we were all tracking it everywhere… at total nightmare for Steve Quinn….and again at 7:00 a.m. it was all pretty hilarious. And we laughed about that one for months!”


2 comments on “It’s a Mud, Mud World!

  1. Patti Dahl says:

    Are there any more tickets available for the Zinzanniversary?

    • tzsea says:

      Hi Patti!

      Shoot! The ZinZanniversary Gala was this past Sunday, November 1. It was a great event and likely to become an annual endeavor. If you sign up for our mailing list, we’ll keep you posted about future galas and special offers.

      Hope to see you in the tent soon!

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