Holiday Shopping Advice from the Good Dr. Vivian Beaumount

Listen to the ZinZanni “gifted” radio spot:

We really had a blast making this radio commercial for Teatro ZinZanni Gift Cards. The spot airs throughout November on Star 101.5, KING FM and KVI AM. As we move into the Holiday season soon, we wanted to make sure people remember what a great experience the gift of Teatro ZinZanni can be. So we thought radio would give us a little extra visibility boost – well, in this case, an audio boost.

At our brainstorming session, our good friend writer Palmer Pettersen wondered out loud if we could recreate the whole show in 60 seconds. That lead to digging out some music that Maestro Norman Durkee wrote when we first created Teatro ZinZanni in 1998. The music we selected is a piece entitled “Clown Inspection.” The character of Dr. Vivian Beaumount is inspired by a comedy sketch by Christine Deaver called “Voluptuous Panic,” where Christine plays a German spy – in this case she’s sort of an Austrian female Freudian analyst clown announcer type. Durkee’s music was already liberally punctuated with penny whistles and whoopee cushion sounds, but that didn’t stop Palmer and sound designer/audio engineer Paul Goldberg from going to town with the sound effects.

As the good doctor says, Teatro ZinZanni’s gifted gift cards are verrry available. Good anytime of year for tickets, beverages and/or shopping in our fabulous boutique, Gift Cards are available in any amount.

Special thanks to the fabulous Christine Deaver, Palmer Petersen, Maestro Norman Durkee, Paul Goldberg of Pure Audio, Jason Jones at Fisher Radio, and to the littlest diva, Rachel DeShon for suggesting the idea in the first place!


2 comments on “Holiday Shopping Advice from the Good Dr. Vivian Beaumount

  1. Margarete Blauvelt says:

    I LOVE the ad. It makes me want to be there again!!!

  2. Paula Warp says:

    The “Dr.” is in……………..worth seeing over and over……

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