UPDATE: Always Look Above the Marigolds and other useful advice from Beaumount & Caswell

Imagine our surprise when the famous show business couple Vivian Beaumount and Clifton Caswell dropped by the KTZZ studio last week for a spot of coffee and conversation!  While they are not currently married, they are excellent friends, bosom buddies, really, and performing together in Beaumount & Caswell at Teatro ZinZanni now through January 17, 2010.

In this 20 minute podcast we learn how this glamorous couple first met, where they were first married, (and where they were married for the fourth time, giving Liz and Dick a real run for their money), and how coffee and kisses are the best way to start each day.

We also learn that Vivian is missing her middle name!

Cliff and Vivie invite you to submit your best (publishable) suggestions for Vivian (fill in the blank) Beaumount – please enter your suggestion here by December 13th and we’ll award the winner with a pair of tickets to the closing night, Sunday, January 17th performance of Beaumount & Caswell, Together Forever… Again! Who knows, Viv and Cliff may even sit down at your table!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Elizabeth Santi for submitting the winning name: Vivian Graylee Beaumount! We’ll see you at the show this Sunday.


6 comments on “UPDATE: Always Look Above the Marigolds and other useful advice from Beaumount & Caswell

  1. Paula Johnson says:

    Vivian Tallullah-Belle Beaumount

  2. Susan Bela says:

    Beaumount and Casewell is a frickin’ hoot! On stage and in the studio. The best TZ show we’ve ever seen. I

  3. Lisa Boettger says:

    Vivian “foofaraw” Beaumount

  4. Linda Brille says:

    My face still hurts from laughing! They are hysterically funny and amazingly talented! We’re coming back for sure!!!!!

  5. Bob Gastin says:

    Christine Deaver and Kevin Kent are like watching Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman onstage. My face hurt from laughing. I’ve seen this particular show three times and every time it is more wonderful than the last. I’ve enjoyed them individually onstage and it’s even more of a treat to see them working together in the same show.

    We’ll definitely be coming back!

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