The Fabulous Mister Kevin Kent

Christine Deaver and Kevin Kent in "Beaumount & Caswell"

Just before she left town with the close of Beaumount & Caswell Christine Deaver interviewed her co-star, the fabulous Kevin Kent.

An original ZinZanni cast member, Kevin has created such notable and outrageously lovable characters for Teatro ZinZanni, as Cookie, Mabel Dean, the Queen of Hearts, Manfred, and Clifton Caswell, among others. He is credited with pioneering the fine art of selecting the ideal “victim” from the audience, now a hallmark of every Teatro ZinZanni performance. (“Oh the bitter, bitter salty tears of a straight man in a dress!”)

In this lively podcast (the third in the series), the conversation covers a wide range of topics ranging from pre-Maggie Thatcher London theatre, being mistaken for English street trash and the genesis of the King’s Elephant Theatre, to the art and technique of improvisational performance, raising the gender question, and the evolution of his first character for Teatro ZinZanni.

Kevin continues his run in Seattle with License to Kiss and debuts his new character Mister C, master of disguise. License to Kiss runs through April 25, 2010.


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