Featured TZ Artist: Tobias Larsson

Tobias Larsson

Photo by Michael Doucett.


Suave, blonde with a roguish smile and legs for days, Sweden’s Tobias Larsson leaps into Teatro ZinZanni’s spiegeltent in his Seattle debut in the current production of License to Kiss … and reveals a few things about himself even his costars don’t know.

1. I attended the Academy of Ballet in Gothenburg, Sweden.
2. BBQ chips and Doughnut holes are a guilty pleasure of mine.
3. I like the excitement of Swedish soccer. I used to play when I was young.
4. I don’t like cowboy boots.
5. If I need cheering up, I’ll call my friends.
6. I am absolutely terrified of sharks.
7. I used to have two pythons named Connie and Angela, but then I gave them to a zoo.
8. Dexter is my favorite television show.
9. My life is organized chaos.
10. My favorite food is anything Italian, and sushi.
11. I like Facebook, but more in a voyeuristic sort of way.
12. Jerry of Sweden is my oldest friend. We met when I was 7,
13. The Rolling Stones or The Beatles? The Beatles!
14. The last movie I saw was Sherlock Holmes.
15. When I was little I had a crush on Sharon Stone.
16. I love prank calling people.
17. Theatre is my passion.
18. Showers or baths? Showers.
19. I’m 6’6″ tall.
20. I am fluent in English, French and Swedish.
21. I broke my ribs when I was hit by a car while riding my Vespa in Paris.
22. My very first job was a fire-juggling show. I made $20.
23. I’m intrigued by other life forms in outer space.
24. Even though I’m scared of sharks, I like to snorkel.
25. I’m not good at telling jokes. I can never remember them.


One comment on “Featured TZ Artist: Tobias Larsson

  1. Jessica says:

    Amazing show! Everyone should see it. Tobias Larsson is a very gifted actor and truly amazing and very mesmerizing to watch. We enjoyed every minute of the show. The food was wonderful. What a great experience.

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