Working Together – “Maestro’s Menagerie” Costumes

In Maestro’s Menagerie, the current show at Teatro ZinZanni, a ragtag troupe of 18th century circus performers arrive at the spiegeltent in the ink of night to pick up a mysterious puppet. In this video made in the weeks leading up to opening night, the costume shop under the direction of Contessa Lucky DeLuxe (also known as Louise DiLenge) and her design associate Giuseppe Grazioli creates an amazing collection of costumes for the madcap menagerie.  You can see the results of their labor in Maestro’s Menagerie, playing now through August 29, 2010 at 222 Mercer Street.

Many thanks to the featured participants in this video:

Louise DiLenge

Giuseppe Grazioli

Mercedi Smalley

Kelly Baker

Bekah Boehm

Karen Crosby

Jessica Havlicek

Christine Joly de Lotiniere

Emily Leung

Scott Moy

Teresa O’Leary

Betty Person

Kate Pierson

Stephanie Poiré

Christine Smith

Deborah Sorensen

Emily Voss

and Teatro ZinZanni performers Genevieve Landry, Maxime Claubut, Peter Pitosky, Francine Reed and Smokey Valley’s Olivier Prince Charmant, also known as Oli.


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