25 Things You Don’t Know About Ssens Duo

Photo by Michael Doucett.

New to Teatro ZinZanni is a fabulous new static trapeze act – Ssens Duo, the lively acrobatic talents of Maxime Clabaut and Genevieve Landry.

In our current show, Maestro’s Menagerie, Maxime plays Max, maitre d’ to Madame ZinZanni (songbird Francine Reed). Over the course of the show, he becomes the willing accomplice to clown Peter Pitofsky and together they get into big trouble playing with the Maestro’s new puppet.  Beautiful, strong and glamorous, Genevieve arrives at the tent as a member of the visiting circus troupe. It’s not long before she and Max fall madly in love.

Our intrepid marketing team of Korum Bischoff and brand new intern Kelsey Markman met Ssens Duo (pronounced “ess” “ens” duo)  at Cafe Zingaro on lower Queen Anne to learn more about these two delightful powerhouse performers.

1. Where did you study?

M: In France, at the National Circus School Chatellerault for three years, and also in Montreal at the National Circus School of Montreal for another three years.

G: At the National Circus School of Montreal. I received my diploma in Circus Arts.

2. What is your favorite food?

M: Sushi, specifically the California Roll minus the avocado. No avocado! Oh, and the Tempura Roll.

G: Thai food, anything that has coconut milk in it. I love everything coconut!

3. Did you play sports?

M: I did the trampoline for 10 years.

G: I was a diver. I actually was ranked 5th in Canada on the 10 meter platform.

4. What is a pet peeve of yours?

M: I’m not fond of people who are mean to others just because they are in a bad mood.

G: When people are judgmental.

5. What fashion do you dislike?

M: Hip-Hop style. I don’t like the baggy clothes. I like to see form-fitting clothes.

G: Oversized, baggy clothes, with extra long shirts and pants below the butt.

M: Yeah, get a belt!

6. What do you do to cheer yourself up?

M: I like to have dinner with my friends.

G: Spa Day! Anything having to do with health and beauty, whether it be a manicure or massage, or a facial.

7. What are you afraid of?

M: Being alone.

G: Not being in control of myself. Having a disconnect with my mind and body, and not being able to keep myself on the right path.

8. If you weren’t at TZ, what would you be doing?

M: Another show with another company.

G: Performing in a different country and meeting new people. I would really like to perform in Spain!

9. Did you have pets growing up?

M: I had a Boxer that I learned to walk with, and a cat that slept wrapped around my head every night.

G: I had a Bichon Frisé named Fluffy.

10. Do you like Facebook?

M: Yes, but I only “friend” people I actually know.

G: Yeah! It’s great because I get to stay connected with all the people that I meet while visiting and performing in different countries.

11. How would you describe your personality?

M: Social, funny, overly honest, and impatient.

G: Perfectionist, grounded, and a strong sense of perseverance. It may shock people, but I am actually very shy. My moods also tend to be affected by the weather.

12. What is your favorite television show?

M: Friends.

G: Sex In The City.

13. Who is your best friend?

M: My oldest friend, Anne.

G: Joseph, from circus school. He is like a brother to me, and my mom always says that he is her adopted son.

14. What was the last movie you saw?

M: Iron Man 2.

G: Valentines Day.

15. What kind of music do you listen to?

M: Soundtracks and Beyonce. Love her!

G: Hip Hop and R&B, but I really love all styles of music.

16. What celebrity do you have a crush on?

M: Ashton Kutcher

G: This is a hard question. No boys come to mind, but I really like Adriana Lima. I think that she is beautiful. I always like seeing and am inspired by beautiful women.

17. What is your passion?

M: Entertainment of any kind, from performing to hosting a dinner.

G: Anything having to do with health and body wellness. I like to read a lot about the ways the body works, and how everything is connected.

Max and Genvieve take a break from reviewing publicity photos to answer a few questions.

18. Do you prefer showers or baths?

M: Bath.

G: Depends on my mood. I like to have a lavender sea salt bath at least once a week, but other than that I prefer showers.

19. Do you wish you were taller or shorter?

M: Taller so that I could be a model. I’d love to do runway.

G: I like my height, but I would like to be less muscular.

20. What languages do you speak?

M: French and English.

G: French and English, but I want to learn Russian.

21. What was your first job?

M: Circus performer.

G: Selling bicycles. I hated it!

22. Have you broken any bones?

M: Just a tooth, yesterday. I had a whip in my mouth and…

G: I broke a bone in my hand when I was diving once.

23. What is something you are good at?

M: Entertaining people.

G: Hand stands.

24. What was your first car?

M: 1971 Porsche Targa 911.

G: 1993 Nissan Sentra. It was white with a purple stripe, complete with orange rust.

25. What is one thing you ALWAYS bring with you on vacation?

M: A picture of my family.

G: My camera.


3 comments on “25 Things You Don’t Know About Ssens Duo

  1. France Roy says:

    Salut Max et Gen,

    Ce petit clin d’oeil est fort sympathique. Merci de nous partager tous vos petits secrets. J’ai soutis à plusieurs reprises durant cette lecture.

    Le Qc s’ennui de vous !

    On est tous très fier de vous !

    Je vous M

  2. nancy mcknight says:

    Salut à vous deux,

    Merci de partager avec nous ce que vous au loin là-bas,je me suis bien amuser à lire des p’tites choses que je ne savais pas sur vous!!!

    Je vous souhaite encore des tonnes de contrat à travers le monde,vous le mériter bien, vous qui travailler si fort!!

    Au plaisir de venir vous visiter à Seattle!


  3. Nate Shank says:

    Max and Genvieve,

    We just saw your show Sunday eve. (6/27/10) and were BLOWN AWAY! I was with my mom, her new husband, my brother (who I’m pretty sure Max was interested in) and my girlfriend.

    It was the perfect end to an incredible weekend and you can bet we’ll be attending again next time we’re in Seattle.

    Keep up the good work – Stay healthy – and most of all, continue to have a blast at what you do…it shows!

    Nate Shank

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