What the critics are saying so far … Maestro’s Menagerie is a hit!

We invited a number of bloggers as well as regular reviewers to come see Maestro’s Menagerie, our new show at Teatro ZinZanni. Here’s a sampling of their reviews along with links to the full posts.

From the blog Belles of the Sound: ” ‘Maestro’s Menagerie’ was in a word – spectacular… I left feeling whimsical, an official citizen of Moulin Rouge and even went home with a sparkly accoutrement to remind me of my magic time at Teatro ZinZanni. If you ever get the chance, this is one show that is not to be missed.”


From David-Edward Hughes review in Talkin’ Broadway: “A night (or Sunday Brunch) at Maestro’s Menagerie will satisfy the most discerrning theatergoer and elicit epicurean ecstacy.”


From Heed the Hedonist: “As always, TZ met its own entertainment expectations as well as culinary credentials.”


For those of you on Facebook (and who can read Russian!) , here’s an indepth review and interview with all of the  Russian cast members in the Russian Reklama:



One comment on “What the critics are saying so far … Maestro’s Menagerie is a hit!

  1. Neony says:

    Good reads your articles. Thanks.

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