The Lovely Elena Borodina, one of Seattle Times’ “Luminaries”

"The Seattle Times is important to me because I like to know what's going on in the community where I live, but also all over the world where I perform."

Teatro ZinZanni’s Elena Borodina was selected by The Seattle Times as one of its “luminaries,” for a new advertising campaign for the newspaper. Appearing in both print and online editions, here’s the photo and interview with our lovely Russian equilibrist who now calls Seattle home. Elena is currently appearing in Maestro’s Menagerie through August 29, 2010 at Teatro ZinZanni.

A conversation with Elena Borodina
Circus Performer, Teatro ZinZanni

Q: What do you do?

Elena Borodina: I am a circus performer with Teatro ZinZanni. My specialty is hand balancing; I’m an equilibrist. In my act, I perform with a flowing white veil. I am inspired by the first modern dancer, Isadora Duncan, and her time period.

Q: How often do you read The Seattle Times in print or online?

EB: I read the print version of The Seattle Times and never miss a Sunday edition.

Q: Do you use If so, what’s your experience like?

EB: I prefer to use the print version, but when I need to look something up, I find very handy.

Q: Are you a subscriber? How long have you been a subscriber?

EB: Yes, I do subscribe and we also subscribe to The Wall Street Journal.

Q: What is your morning routine?

EB: I wake up, have coffee and check my e-mails. Then, while I stretch, I review the newspaper headlines.

Q: What’s your ideal situation for reading the newspaper?

EB: I love to read the newspaper while my husband cooks breakfast when we have lazy mornings on the weekend. It doesn’t happen very often since we have different schedules. He works in the mornings and I perform at Teatro ZinZanni in the evenings.

Q: Why is a local newspaper important to you?

EB: I like the Northwest Arts and Life section and the local news section. It’s important to me to know what is going on around Seattle.

Q: What do you love about living in the Northwest?

EB: I love nature, the Sound, the mountains and the ferries traveling between them.

Q: In instances when natural disasters, major political events or other “big” news stories occur, where do you turn for information? What’s different about your experience with the newspaper?

EB: During major disasters, I turn on CNN. But the newspaper gives me a deeper, more thoughtful analysis of the news.

Q: In what order do you read the newspaper?

EB: I review the front page and the news summaries and then I go to the national and world reports, then local news, then weekly summaries. And then I go to the Northwest Arts and Life section.

I want an overview of world and local news first, then I want to find out about local jazz listings, art exhibits, dance, etc.

Q: What’s most important to you in the newspaper? And why?

EB: World and local news is most important to me. The combination of both is important. I like to know what’s going on in the community where I live and also in the world because I travel a lot and perform in many different countries.

Q: Which, if any, of The Seattle Times columnists do you read regularly? And why?

EB: I like them all.

Q: Why is having a locally owned, independent newspaper like The Seattle Times important to the community?

EB: A local owner has an important investment in delivering accurate local news. As the world gets smaller in the sense that information is moving faster and faster, accuracy in local news reporting is even more critical.

See the original interview:


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