25 Things You Don’t Know About Rachel DeShon

The “Littlest Diva” at Teatro ZinZanni packs a powerful voice into her petite 5 foot 2 inch frame. Astonishing audiences with her varied repertoire since she first appeared in “The Trickster’s Trunk” at Teatro ZinZanni in 2006, Rachel DeShon is a force of nature. Here she shares some fun facts about her life off stage, her passion for cooking and zest for the humor in life. You can catch her in our current production of Hearts on Fire now through January 23, 2011.

1.           What’s your favorite color?

RD:   Red, just like my initials.

2.          If you could be any animal what would you be?

RD:       My name means little lamb, but I would prefer to be a bird and not a caged one, I would like to fly free.

3.          What’s your favorite food?

RD:      Sushi and specifically from Nishino in Madison Park.

4.        What was the last movie you watched?

RD:     Bronson, but I LOVED The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl who Played with Fire, I can’t wait for the last one in the series to come out.

5.          What is a hidden talent you possess?

RD:    I love to cook, especially sweets, my fruit cobbler can solve world peace. If you know me well though, this is not a ‘hidden’ talent.

6.         What is your favorite magazine to read?

RD:      Real Simple

7.          What is your biggest fear?

RD:       I am pretty fearless, I will try almost anything once; I like to take risks.

8.         What country would you like to explore?

RD:      I long to go to Italy, I have never been, any takers?

9.         What is your favorite TV show?

RD:     I don’t watch much TV, but I do like “Chelsea Lately,” most definitely a guilty pleasure.

10.     What do you like to do in your free time?

RD:    Have fun and laugh, I try to find the humor in life.

11.       Do you prefer heels or flats?

RD:     I always wear heels to perform, but in real life I tend to wear flats, unless I am going out on the town, then heels are a must.

12.      What is your favorite song?

RD:    “Over the Rainbow”

13.      What is something that brightens your day?

RD:    A simple smile and a hug always make my day.

14.    Are you a Mac or PC person?

RD:   Mac all the way!

15.      Where did you go to school?

RD:   I grew up in Seattle and I went to Inglemoor High School. I graduated cum laude and Department Scholar at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois. In college I was Miss Macomb and competed in Miss Illinois for the Miss American Organization. Macomb, Illinois is the sweetest small town in the Midwest, not that I have any bias…

16.     What was your first job?

RD:   I was a cookie decorator at Cookies by Design. I can decorate anything on a cookie.

17.      What is your favorite drink?

RD:    I make infused vodkas – they are deliciously dangerous.

18.     On your wall hangs…

RD:    Pictures of my friends and family, I like to have them watch over me.

19.     What are three words you live by?

RD:    Love, Laughter, and Music.

20.    What monument you would love to have a view of from your bedroom?

RD:    The Eiffel Tower, I fell in love with Paris a few years ago, it is such a magical city.

21.      Do you believe in karma?

RD:    Oh yes, I certainly do…

22.     Your most important goal right now?

RD:    I am working on a solo show project with Norman Durkee (Teatro ZinZanni’s musical director). I want the creation process continue to be thrilling as we form through music a compelling look at life. It is very experimental and provocative and I wish for it to be a breathe of fresh air. I am hoping to have it prepared next year and perform the premiere here in Seattle.

23.     What is your greatest strength?

RD:     I have extreme determination and will power.

24.   What is your perfect breakfast?

RD:   If I were cooking, it would be crêpes with fruit, homemade jams, and sugars. In Seattle, I am a huge fan of Toulouse on the corner of Mercer and Queen Anne Avenue. Their shrimp Creole on creamy grits with eggs, side of homemade biscuits, and French press coffee is a spectacular breakfast.

25.     What is your favorite thing about Seattle?

RD:   Nature. Seattle has such beautiful surroundings.

Editor’s note: To see Rachel singing with Norman Durkee on piano, check out this story on you tube.


2 comments on “25 Things You Don’t Know About Rachel DeShon

  1. Cheryl DeShon says:

    Hey Rach – Dad is disappointed that your favorite breakfast is not his egg samiches. 🙂

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