Next Mezzo Lunatico: Nov. 20th “Thankful For”

Mezzo Lunatico, a late night varieté spiced with saucy cabaret, crazed circus, scandale, music and mayhem, continues in Teatro ZinZanni’s spiegeltent on Saturday, November 20th with El Vez as host and curator. Exploring the theme of Thankful For, Mezzo Lunatico features original performances by soulful chanteuse Sarah Rudinoff, exotic aerialist Vivian Tam, San Francisco’s wacky physical comedy troupe, Pi Clowns, acrobat Bernard Hazens, Seattle’s Sapphic Sweetheart Miss Indigo Blue, boylesque performer Jean du Jour and El Vez and the Los Lunatiques band. Doors are at 11 p.m. Show is 11:30 to 1:30 a.m. Tickets are $20 with a two-drink minimum and are available online at and by calling the ZinZanni Box Office at (206) 802-0015. Mezzo Lunatico is sponsored by Top Pot Doughnuts.

And now a few ruminations from El Vez, Curator of the Evening, on the concept of THANKFUL FOR:

“THANKS FOR…the memories…the good times…nothing?

“Each of us is grateful for some special something….whether it be an indelible moment in time or the object of a moment’s distraction. Of course there are other more practical things to be thankful for: food on the table and a roof over our heads….or 10 more Friends on Facebook. And, let us not forget to give thanks for what makes America great…freedom of religion, freedom of speech….freedom to marry within the same species.

If we didn’t give thanks, we would just be a wild, uncivilized mob of misfits.

“WAIT! We ARE a mob of wild, uncivilized mob of misfits….and we are thankful for that!

“The Mezzo Lunatico cast for November is a great mob of misfits. Sarah Rudinoff the soulful chanteuse; San Francisco’s whacky physical comedy troupe, PI Clowns; Seattle’s Sapphic Sweetheart Miss Indigo Blue; Bernard Hazen and his ability to balance between dimensions at hyper-speed; aerial exotique Vivian Tam and Jean du Jour of the unique physique. And, I am thankful they will give their all in this ephemeral very late night offering on the 20th under the velvet canopy of Teatro ZinZanni’s spiegletent. Gracias!”


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