The Swedish Housewife is Here!

Louise DiLenge, creator of Mezzo Lunatico and chief costume designer of Teatro ZinZanni, selected Seattle-based cabaret artist and producer The Swedish Housewife to curate the January event and invite a variety of artists to join her onstage. The Swedish Housewife will also debut her new character, The Moon Maven.

Sez Louise: “Paula and I share a checkered past spawned from German Kabarrett. In 1930, we appeared with Lola Lola at the Bleue Engel. We were part of Lola’s backup band the night she stole Prof. Immanuel Rath’s soul. It was all down hill from there. Reuniting occasionally to dust off our cares and woes, we traveled through time to join forces in the rebirth of this fledgling late night varieté, Mezzo Lunatico. Why not?! We ventured while sharing a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. We may be tarnished, but we’re not dead!”

Channeling the Moon Maven, the Swedish Housewife says: “Earthlings prepare! January 15th Intergaltique Astronavigatrix Moon Maven lands with Moon Maiden Stardust and Earth Probe D.D. Sputnik at Mezzo Lunatico to conduct onsite field study of Earth Beings and their customs!”

Mezzo Lunatico is a late night varieté spiced with saucy cabaret, crazed circus, scandale, music and mayhem, and continues Saturday, January 15th, 2011.



One comment on “The Swedish Housewife is Here!

  1. OMG I Love Paula! She is an amazing force and has transcended physicality through her amazingness. I am going to HAVE To find a way to see this!

    Love you Paula,

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