25 Things You Didn’t Know About Juliana Rambaldi

Operatic extraordinaire Juliana Rambaldi wows crowds nightly in the current ZinZanni production of Radio Free Starlight. Hailed as a “bright-voiced beacon” by the New Yorker and lauded as “Radiant!” by The New York Times, this soprano has earned international critical acclaim  for her many roles with leading opera companies across the United States and abroad. Sneak a peak into her life and learn 25 things about her you might not have known, and why we at ZinZanni just adore her.

1. I love baking cakes, pies, cookies, etc., and pressing my own espresso shots.

2. I’m a sucker for spicy chicken wings, and anything with milk chocolate on it.

3. Seattle’s great! People live here because they want to live here. That’s not true in a lot of other places. People are here because they appreciate the beauty of what’s around them.

4. If I could be an animal, I’d be a cat. I love their independent, “screw-you” nature, but they’re loveable at the same time.

5. I just saw Harry Potter 3. Yes, I’m a bit behind, but now I have lots to look forward to!

6. My husband is a fabulous baritone who has a busy career singing opera.

7. I’m an only child.

8. I love France and Italy, and visiting my family in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

9. I love reading Oprah’s magazine and Consumer Reports.

10. If I’m traveling alone, I always bring a trashy magazine to read on the plane.

11. When I have time, I like watching “Modern Family ” and  “John Stewart”.

12. Opera inspires me. The vastness of the music and the stories; the human condition expanded out into a grand art form; those sublime moments in the music that make you glad to be alive.

13. As a kid I fell over on a bicycle and broke my wrist. I went to summer camp for a week with a bag over my cast so it wouldn’t get wet while swimming.

14. I’d love to explore Morocco.

15. I can knit socks like nobody’s business.

16. I’m open-minded. I’m also geeky and social.

17. I want to learn how to tango (the real kind they dance in the bars in Buenos Aires)… and French cooking.

18. The most important thing to me right now is to get my sons through their childhood in one piece and prepare them to go out into the world.

19. When I look out my window, I want to see rolling hills and trees.

20. I was born in New York, NY.

21. I studied voice at University of Washington, and did my opera training at Chicago Lyric Opera.

22. When I was younger, my best friend and I got jobs together as waitresses at the A & W restaurant.

23. I don’t believe in fear… except for maybe spiders.

24. I’ve traveled to an active volcano in Costa Rica. Yes, I did this on purpose, and it was thrilling!

25. Violet is my all time favorite color.

To learn more about Juliana, visit her opera website julianarambaldi.com


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