25 Things You Didn’t Know About Steffon Moody

One of the most difficult questions Steffon Moody often gets is “What do you do?,” and when answering, he confesses he doesn’t really know where to start. “I’m usually changing skill sets from project to project.  I design, paint, sculpt sets, images & giant puppets. I write for performance and perform physical comedy and character/emcee for corporate events.  I direct video.  I teach and direct theater.  I also teach drawing and puppetry.”

Steffon Moody is the playwright for Teatro ZinZanni’s all new, and first-ever children’s production, Zirkus Fantazmo! His skill set is broad enough to encompass the ZinZanni aesthetic… most likely one of the reasons Associate Director Mo Durocher wanted to bring him aboard this project. Read on as the multi-talented and very charming Steffon Moody shares 25 other things that make him interesting!

Busy at work! Steffon poses in the midst of creating a giant sea-monster costume for a television commercial.

1. “Balkan Beat Box” is my favorite band.

2. I love Thai food… and anything grilled!

3. I’m very chaotic… just ask my wife.

4. I wish I could be a flying leopord.

5. I started modern dance in college, then co-founded the The Umo Ensemble in 1987.

6. I just saw the King’s Speech.

7. I love to write music.

8. I used to perform with The Big Apple Circus. They’re a one-ring circus in NYC that tours to other east coast cities.

9. The Big Apple Circus runs the clown care program, which I was a part of for eight years. Clowning in a hospital situation is a very profound use of an entertainer’s skill set. It requires great sensitivity, and taught me how to perform in any situation.

10. I ended up writing the script for Zirkus Fantazmo because my friend, Ian Jamison who is the technical director, recommended me. I guess they liked my audition piece.

11. I’m a renaissance man.

12. Yo hablo un poquito Espanol solamente.

13. I don’t watch television.

14. Nature, great art and inspiring people inspire me.

15. I grew up in St. Louis, MO.

16. I want to explore Thailand, Bali and Indonesia.

17. I love New York because it’s another world.

18. I’m a mercurial chameleon creator.

19. I wish I could master financial stability.

20. My most important goal is to keep creating, find inner peace and be a positive force on the planet and in my community… very Miss America, I know.

21. I love Tolkein and McKenna.

22. After graduating from art school at Washington University, I was always “on the job” with the Muny opera, Umo, Big Apple Circus and Clown Care… Life was my education.

23. My very first job was as a paint boy in the scenic department at the Muny Opera in St. Louis.

24. I’ve dived into a wall, chain-sawed a limb on a rickety ladder, back-flipped off a cliff, and started fires… all by accident of course.

25. I write music for JibJab.com, the Backbone Campaign and Agit Pop.

Zirkus Fantazmo is a new family show for kids ages 5 to 105 about the power of dreams and the quest to create the perfect act. Written by Steffon Moody and directed by Elise “Mo” Durocher, Zirkus Fantazmo is perfect for the whole family and will be offered on select Saturday and Sundays at 1 p.m. March 5 through May 1 and November 5 through December 10, 2011. Visit our website for tickets!


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