Hail Caesar! Hail ZinZanni!

Hail Caesar's Dreya Weber

Do you think you know the story behind Cleopatra and Caesar, one of history’s most famous and devastating love stories? What if it occurred in another era? Would the story end as tragically? What if one was, say, a chef, instead of a world leader? Would the lovers still meet? Would they still fall in love?

Under the spiegeltent, all these scenarios are possible. Caesar, our wise-cracking chef, must find the elusive Egyptian Love Spice to add to his delicious concoctions. A loyal kitchen worker offers to travel to Egypt to find the exotic spice on Caesar’s behalf. Upon arriving in Egypt, Caesar’s loyal helper turns into Indiana Jones – a juggling Indian Jones. And while these talents help him find the rare Love Spice, it can’t save him from the treachery of the street hustling spice merchant who tricks him into buying the spice – and the ancient crypt it comes in. What our loyal helper doesn’t know is that there is something other than Love Spice in the crypt – there is the resurrected Cleopatra.

When Cleopatra meets Caesar, it is love at first sight. Cleopatra unabashedly pursues her salad loving chef, and she is transformed by her love for him (and several makeup and costume changes). But like all great loves, things don’t exactly go as planned.

Is this the true hidden story of the historical lovers? Does Love Spice really work? Did Caesar really invent the Caesar salad? We don’t know. The only thing we know for sure is that under the tent, anything is possible.

Hail Caesar plays May 12 through August 28 in the magical Seattle spiegeltent! Visit our website for more information and tickets!


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