The Young Evils

Mezzo Lunatico is May 28th and a whole new cast of talent is rolling through the spiegeltent. Joining host Mark Pickerel is Troy Nelson and Mackenzie Mercer of The Young Evils.

Troy Nelson and Mackenzie Mercer of “The Young Evils"

Guitarist/drummer Troy Nelson and girlfriend Mackenzie Mercer (vocals/tambourine), traffic in some of the city’s sweetest pop-rock confections. And, according to Seattle Weekly “man, are they a cute couple. You’re going to love to hate them—or, more likely, love them like you do kittens. They are awww-some. Perhaps their golden chemistry derives from their two vastly different backgrounds. Local girl Mercer grew up backstage at Pearl Jam concerts; Nelson came from Mitchell, South Dakota, where Def Leppard and Bon Jovi represented high culture. Mercer was weaned on ’70s punk rock, while Nelson went through intense Metallica and Nirvana phases. Nelson eventually fled South Dakota, attending Florida’s Full Sail audio-engineering school and then moving to New York to work for the prestigious Hit Factory, where he “carried Puff Daddy’s reel-to-reels, bought Ice Cube a Korn CD, avoided eye contact with Michael Jackson, and breathed much secondhand pot smoke.” When Nelson met Mercer at Easy Street Records in the mid ’00s, they instantly clicked.”And it’s fun for me to watch Mackenzie fight off all my groupies,” Nelson counters, as Mercer laughs. “I have a hard time fighting them off myself; I needed help. That’s actually why Mackenzie and I started this relationship. Seriously. Sometimes there’s two at a time. Tough life…”

Catch The Young Evils at Teatro ZinZanni’s Mezzo Lunatico May 28th!


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