Happy Birthday, Neighbor!

The cast of Hail Caesar! had a busy shopping day this Wednesday at the Queen Anne Metropolitan Market. To start off the Market’s fun forty-day 40th birthday celebration, Teatro ZinZanni’s performers put on their wildest outfits and walked a block up the street and got the party started!

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First on the scene was the Sultan (Victor Benedetti) who didn’t appear out of place — despite the sparkly turban. As soon as Caesar (Frank Ferrante) showed up, though, it was apparent that something was going on. Shopping cart in one hand and a martini in the other, Caesar maneuvered throughout the store yelling “Sultan! Has anyone seen the Sultan?” Soon after, Maxime Clabaut, Genevieve Landry, and Elena Borodina entered in their skintight outfits and a few customers could be heard asking, “what’s Teatro ZinZanni doing here?”

After gossiping with shoppers over magazine headlines, Lady Moundsajoy (Juliana Rambaldi) belted out an operatic version of “Happy Birthday.” When a customer yelled “Encore!”, the Sultan joined to sing another dramatic round. Soon, everyone was singing, Sheikh Zabier (Bernard Hazen) and Mick (Joel Salom) were juggling water bottles, and bags of chips were flying through the air.

The cast and crew at Teatro ZinZanni wish Metropolitan Market a happy birthday!


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