25 Things You Didn’t Know About Kristyn Grim

Perched above the tent in Teatro ZinZanni’s business offices, our group sales team is hard at work dealing with private party buy-outs, corporate sales and social groups. Inquiries come in one-after-the-other and one of the talented and helpful ladies on the phone is Group Sales & Services Coordinator Kristyn Grim. Get to know the voice behind the phone (and the voice of “with Caesar” in our new video series) in this installment of “25 things…”

1. I can organize anything. Give me a label maker and I can turn any disaster into a sanctuary.

2.  A great cheese plate and a glass of wine are my favorites.

3. Turquoise is my favorite color.

4. I want to be a Green Basilisk aka a Jesus Lizard that walks on water.

5. Of Mice and Men is my favorite read…total classic.

6. I just saw The King’s Speech

7. I love exploring the city like I’m a tourist. There’s so much to do, see, and eat.

8. Anthropologie has great stuff.

9. I went bungee jumping in Whistler once. I think taking chances and trying new things makes life interesting.

10. I try to visit NYC every other year. I also love Italy and hope to visit again very soon.

11. I love Seattle Magazine. I inevitably learn something new about this amazing city every time I read it.

12. I always have dental floss on me – don’t leave home without it!

13. It’s a tie between Hoarders and How I Met Your Mother.

14.  I think I may have a little crush on Adam Richman from Man vs Food. There’s something very charming about him and his ability to eat copious amounts of food.

15. I’ve broken too many bones to count – some people call me clumsy; I call it daring.

16. I really want to go to Greece.

17. My favorite song right now is Ingrid Michaelson’s The Chain. I’m sure I’ll have a new one by tomorrow though.

18. Busy, empathetic, and loud sums me up.

19. I would love to learn how to play the guitar. I bought one so I guess that’s a start.

20. I’m really focused on my career right now, moving forward and learning as much as I can. I’d also really like to remodel my kitchen.

21. When I look out the window I want to see snow, snow, and more snow!

22. I was born in Des Moines, WA.

23. I’ve studied all over but finished my studies at UW in 2005.

24. My first job with a real paycheck was as an office clerk when I was 14. I started babysitting and doing yard work at a really young age too. I honestly can’t remember not having some sort of a job.

25. I have one brother. He lives in Oregon and I should really go visit him soon. Thanks for the reminding me!


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