Cocktail Time with Caesar – Flaming Rizzo

Bar Czar Jamie Rizzo treats Caesar to an original concoction in today’s Cocktail Time with Caesar.

Learn how to make a Flaming Rizzo in this mixology course led by Teatro ZinZanni’s Caesar (Frank Ferrante) and bartender Jamie Rizzo, with a special appearance by Cleopatra herself (Dreya Weber).

You’ll need Cucumber, Vodka, Orange Juice, Strawberry Purée, Triple Sec and Soda.


Frank Ferrante, Dreya Weber & Jamie Rizzo

Produced by Teatro ZinZanni

Directed by Korum Bischoff

Filmed & Edited by Arc Media

Costumes: Louise DiLenge & Beaver Bauer

Styling: Giuseppe Grazioli

Lighting: Reed Nakayama

Assistants: Erin Hovland & Stephen Anunson

Music Arrangement: Jamie Rizzo

Vocalists: Kristyn Grim, Charleen Schneider & Nadia Tarnawsky

©2011 Teatro ZinZanni. All Rights Reserved


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