25 Things You Didn’t Know About Joel Salom

Australian juggling sensation, Joel Salom, appears in Hail Caesar!, Teatro ZinZanni’s current production. In the show, he plays Mick, a maitre d’ looking to make a good impression, as well as controlling his satiric creation, Erik the Dog. He excites audiences with his hilarious juggling routines while intriguing them with unique rhythmic juggling acts. Whether you’ve seen him onstage or had him teach you a juggling lesson or two, here are a few things you may not know about Joel:

1.    I would describe myself as a tall, lanky, funny fella who loves his family and is addicted to juggling shaker balls.

2.    I grew up in Western Australia on a dairy farm.

3.    My family is my favorite thing. My six-year-old son is gregarious and charismatic,  my three-month-old daughter is gorgeous and sleeps, and my wife is my everything: down to earth, practical, beautiful and very honest.

4.    The last movie I saw was Winnie the Pooh; my son came along, too.

5.    I think patience is one of my greatest strengths.

6.    I can’t have a pet; I travel too much.

7.    I’m secretly obsessed with plucking nose hairs.

8.    Something crazy I’ve done is supporting my family by being a freelance comedy juggler! Somehow, it seems to be working very well.

9.   My favorite spot in Seattle could be anywhere as long as I am with my daughter.

10. A good day is a beach day.

11. My life philosophies are: “No hurries, no worries”, “Do what you like and do what you’re good at” and “If you’re going through sh*t, just keep going”.

12. My first job was stilt walking in our local shopping center.

13. My hidden talent is flying trapeze.

14. A memorable Teatro ZinZanni moment was when my then three-year old son walked into the tent during the show, without his pants!  I was doing a scene on stage, he’d wet his pants and needed help (My wife was baby-sitting another performer’s baby).  I gestured for him to go back stage. He waved back. Eventually, he got the idea and, with slumped shoulders he walked back stage. His little, naked butt was the last image – hilariously cute.

15. I cannot resist buying licorice.

16. I’d like to visit India.

17. I love Seattle. The people are so friendly and supportive, the city is easy to navigate, and the festivals at Seattle Center are so much fun.

18. The last book I read was Mind Sight.

19. A song I wrote for my daughter is one of my favorite songs.

20. I aspire to be a patient father, supportive husband, and remember how fortunate I am in so many ways.

21. My drink of choice is strong coffee.

22. If I could be any animal, I’d be a dung beetle. I reckon I’m pretty good at pushing sh*t up a hill. I am a juggler…

23. I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I only speak English.

24. My favorite places to travel are Thailand, Vanuatu, Singapore, and Indonesia.

25. I decided on my profession by accident.

Hail Caesar! ends soon, so hurry in to see Joel and the rest of our talented cast!


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