Cocktail Time with Caesar – Cleo 7

As Hail Caesar! winds down, so does our online video mixology series “Cocktail Time with Caesar.” In this final installment, Bar Czar Jamie Rizzo honors The Caesar’s muse, the beautiful Cleopatra, with her very own drink called a “Cleo 7.”

Learn how to make a Cleo 7 in this mixology course led by Teatro ZinZanni’s Caesar (Frank Ferrante) and bartender Jamie Rizzo, with a special appearance by Cleopatra herself (Dreya Weber).

You’ll need VeeV, St. Germain, PAMA and Prosecco.


Frank Ferrante, Dreya Weber & Jamie Rizzo

Produced by Teatro ZinZanni

Directed by Korum Bischoff

Filmed & Edited by Arc Media

Costumes: Louise DiLenge & Beaver Bauer

Styling: Giuseppe Grazioli

Lighting: Reed Nakayama

Assistants: Erin Hovland & Stephen Anunson

Music Arrangement: Jamie Rizzo

Vocalists: Kristyn Grim, Charleen Schneider & Nadia Tarnawsky

©2011 Teatro ZinZanni. All Rights Reserved


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