A Toast to Toro

A few weeks ago in the Teatro ZinZanni lobby, we hosted a celebratory toast as a special thank you to one of our most dedicated fans, the magnificent and all around great guy, Joe Toro.  Since 2002 he has seen over 300 shows and has an entire room in his home dedicated to Teatro ZinZanni paraphernalia and swag!  He is truly a ZinZanni fanatic and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks again, Joe & Annie!

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4 comments on “A Toast to Toro

  1. NOW Joe Chapman says:

    Hi Joe this is Joe (Southwick) Chapman from way back. DD 684 WEDERBURN to be exact. I am retired now and also on face book. Send an E-Mail my way. Joe

  2. NOW Joe Chapman says:

    I feel like i’am playing phone tag with you ? If you don’t have Facebook. E-Mail me at joendshirley1@aol.com WRITE ME JOE

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