Art at the Moulin Rouge Tent

On Wednesday, October 19th the velvet-topped tent will be packed with local artists specializing in jewelry, haberdashery, paintings, glass work, sculpture, and more.  Your ticket gets you a snazzy swag bag, a complimentary cocktail, a trip to our Glam Station and so much more. To buy tickets or to find out more about the show, visit our website.

To celebrate this wonderful show, we will profile a few of the fabulous artist in attendance:

Artist: Victoria Shaffer

Designs by Victoria is inspired by my love of beautiful things, and my magpie’s eye for the shiny treasures.  I’ve been working with wire for almost 15 years, and sewing for close to a decade. I’m inspired by classic lines and vintage looks, and am always searching for simple elegance in design. I strive to create pieces that enhance rather than overwhelm, and that inspire whimsical or romantic thoughts. Each piece is created with love and care, and my especial love is the making of one of a kind treasures.

Artist: Jennifer Gardner of Fable and Fury

Fable & Fury silhouettes depict distinctive yet symbolic imagery, woodland and sea creatures, iconic portraits, and the curious concoctions that inhabit my imagination. I have eclectic tastes and draw inspiration from vintage styles, nature, fairy tales like the Brothers Grimm, and beautiful little beasties. Often I find myself daydreaming about living in a tiny cottage deep in the forest. Running away with the circus would be splendid too! I think these flights of fancy are often reflected in my jewelry.

Aritist: Tyler Kimball

Tyler Kimball, founder of Redwood Glassworks, lives and works in Seattle. He has been blowing glass as an artist, assistant, and production worker for over seven years. His work through Redwood Glassworks captures the essence of the material. His Mercury bottles show movement and viscosity through their shape and also capture and reflect light with their colorful mirrorizing. Kimball has work in galleries and private collections throughout the U.S. but is most excited about his fresh look in his Mercury Bottles.


3 comments on “Art at the Moulin Rouge Tent

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