“Liliane Montevecchi Enchants ZinZanni Audiences” Seattle Examiner Exclaims!

Liliane Montevecchi enchants ZinZanni audiences

“Teatro ZinZanni brings the talents of two Tony stars to its current production: Bonsoir Liliane. Tommy Tune, Texas-born, Tony-winning, director/choreographer and Liliane Montevecchi, living legend and diva partner up for the revival of the show that revisits some of the highs of Montevecchi’s career.”

Enjoy more highlights from  Letitia Harmon‘s review of Bonsoir Liliane! in the Seattle Theater Examiner:

“Montevecchi, however, fills the circus-tent space with her charisma, charm, and amazing stage presence. Local actors should see this show if only to study a master in the art of stage presence. She brings the panache and finesse of a bygone era to live performance, recalling the greats who relied on more than pyrotechnics and a killer sound system to charm an audience.”

“The slapstick, audience involvement comedy continues under the direction and improvisational brilliance of the show’s host, Kevin Kent.”

“ZinZanni continues to be about glitz, flamboyant glamour, and an all-round good time grounded in a feast for the senses. Bonsoir Liliane is a magical show that suits ZinZanni’s tradition of spectacle and enchantment.”

“Come for the fun, be mesmerized by one of the greats (in person!), stay for the food, and leave with your cheeks aching from laughter. That is a night at this magical Seattle favorite!”

See the full story online here.


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