Art at the Moulin Rouge Tent Part Deux

In less than three weeks (October 19th), artists will commandeer the tent at Teatro ZinZanni  for one amazing night!  Last week we told you about all the great swag you receive with your ticket purchase.

What we didn’t tell you about was the delectable appetizers to be passed.  Direct from our most excellent Executive Chef, Erik Carlson:

  • Hazelnut, arugula & Gorgonzola crostini
  • Beechers Flagship and fresh dill creme fraiche’ stuffed cucumbers
  • Grilled chicken, Parmesan and caper salad stuffed in puff pastry
  • Smoked salmon and caraway mousseline on toast points

You had us at Gorgonzola crostini!

Now, for the real stars of the show, the artists:

Laurie McClave

Laurie McClave has been drawing obsessively since she was a young child. Growing up in California in the 60s and 70s her extended family was full of artists, free-thinking Mad magazine readers and a sprinkling of Catholic comedians.  She dabbled in Drama, Clothing design and sculpture in the 70s and 80s before deciding to really get down and Paint….
She attended The San Francisco Art Institute where she earned an honors studio spot.  While there she concentrated on figure drawing and painting and received her BFA in Painting in 1994. After graduating and exhibiting work around the Bay area and across the country she relocated to the Pacific Northwest where she is painting and raising her own free-thinking family.

Her work is currently exhibited at Pop Gallery in Santa Fe NM and Tasty Gallery in Seattle,WA.

Anette Wachter

I have been in the business of designing pet accessories for the last 12 years. While I still have the business Pet Elegance, I decided I wanted to design human jewelry! My current collection is mostly about beautiful beads and semi-precious stones that I collect as I travel. I recently started working with PMC in Sterling Silver and this has become my new addiction. You will start to see many pieces with a mixture of PMC and beading. I tend to lean toward edgier designs that still has a feminine touch.

Stephanie Broker

Stephanie (Sullivan) Broker is an artist from the Pacific Northwest who specializes in oils and acrylics.  Her inspiration comes from her life’s ups and downs.  Art is an amazing outlet and gift that God has given her to share with the world.  We all have our passions; Stephanie’s is living life to the fullest, being a wife and a mother who uses the gift of creativity to inspire others to look into themselves to find their uniqueness!  Stephanie is not one who expresses with words but in painting.  This is her way of sharing who she is and how she feels to the world.

Get your tickets while you still can!


2 comments on “Art at the Moulin Rouge Tent Part Deux

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