25 Things You Didn’t Know about Ariana Lallone

Graceful“, “stunning“, and “a twirling beauty”  are all terms used to describe Ariana Lallone, the  5-foot-11 (6-foot-5 on pointe) ballerina featured in our current production, Bonsoir Liliane!. The former Pacific Northwest Ballet Principal Ballerina has been astounding audiences under the velvet topped tent.  Get a peek into her life below and find out why we love, love, love her!

1. I try to live each day to the fullest and not waste a minute of time.

2. I love Mexican food.

3. I hope to continue to learn and grow as an artist, perform and bring joy to people’s lives.

4. I was called “Big Bird” in high school… for obvious reasons.  Sometimes it was a little tough being the tallest girl in school.

5. I have always wanted to try parasailing… don’t tell my mom.

6. I fell in love with ballet from the first class I took at the age of 7. After graduating from high school, it was my desire to not only continue my ballet training, but to pursue ballet as a profession. I gave myself one year to see if it was possible. Luckily, after a summer course at PNB and a year in their school, the artistic directors (at that time Kent Stowell and Francia Russell) were willing to take a chance on a very tall, aspiring young ballerina… and the rest is my history.

7. I cannot resist buying vintage kitchen items that have a rooster on them.

8.I love the comedy of Modern Family and the drama of The Good Wife. I also have a weak spot for reality TV.

9. The last book I read was The Witch of Portobello by Paul Coelho: “When you dance, the spiritual world and the real world manage to coexist quite happily. I think classical ballet dancers dance on pointe because they’re simultaneously touching the earth and reaching up to the skies.”

10.I am afraid of earthquakes and wind…. a side effect of growing up in Southern California!

11.My celebrity crush will always be Paul Newman.

12. When I was 17 years old, I had a make-over on national television. I still have the cue cards that they used on the show to introduce the “all new Ariana Lallone!”

13. I really only speak English and some scattered Spanish, but since joining Teatro ZinZanni, I think I need to learn French!

14. My Favorite book is A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway… in fact, it’s time to re-read it!

15. I have four brothers that I tried very hard to keep up with. There was no crying over scraped knees.

16. I have unconditional love for those in my life, I will go out of my way to do something for someone, I am a good friend and I love to laugh.

17. I lettered in basketball in high school and had my jersey retired upon graduation.

18. I am unable to throw away anything that has sentiment. I save a lot!

19. I love the boardwalk between the Double Helix Bridge and Pier 70, along Elliott Bay.

20. I have a twenty-year old black, long hair cat named Celia.

21. I have never been to Spain.

22. Right now, I love the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

23. My list of favorite PNB roles is extensive. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to dance many ballets and work with numerous choreographers/stagers… each being a memorable experience. I couldn’t pick just one.

24. I am most proud of transitioning from my 24-year career as a ballerina at PNB, to having the opportunity to join the cast of Teatro ZinZanni in Bonsoir Liliane!,

25. My favorite drink is a combination of cherry juice, lemonade, mint and soda water.

Need more Ariana (who doesn’t)?  See her in our newest production Bonsoir Liliane!, a magical train ride through the life and fantasies of Liliane Montevecchi. Get your tickets here!


3 comments on “25 Things You Didn’t Know about Ariana Lallone

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