Death! What a Way To Go!!

Ghouls, goblins, ghosts, and guests converged on the tent October 29th for a Halloween themed Mezzo Lunatico, hosted by El Vez, the Mexican Elvis.  Best summed up as “scary sexy”, the show featured a veritable cornucopia of awe-inspiring acts.

Miss Indigo Blue proceeded to excite and delight the entire tent in several sexy burlesque dances, one culminating in El Vez carrying her zombie-fied (yet still gorgeous) corpse from the stage!  Death (Ling Rui), clad in a saucy little golden Speedo, aided morose host with the most, El Vez, in crowning our costume contest winner Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Cabaret nouveau singer/accordionist Seth Bedford wove nostalgic tales of youth peppered throughout with humor, all in time with his whimsical squeezebox. Hauntingly spectacular performances from operatic tenor Steve Thoreson, left the audience ravenous for more. The edgy Momo Butoh dance troupe provided an eerie, yet oddly satisfying and artistic experience. Solo strap artist Ling Rui brought the house down (not literally or this post’s title would be quite literal) with a gravity defying aerial act that left jaws on the floor from the flat-out open mouth gaping. A surprise visit from the angelic Pastor Kaleb, who led the masses in an epic dance party.

Whew!  We need to lie down!

Great photos below from Greg Holloway.

We will see everyone at the next Mezzo Lunatico, December 16th & 17th! What? That’s right, it will be two nights of sexy delight just in time to stave off any holiday blues!

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