Teatro ZinZanni Staff are Thankful for…

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or simply giving thanks, it is a time of year for spending time with loved ones and showing gratitude.  Here in tent, the Teatro ZinZanni family is no different.  In an informal and impromptu survey, we found Teatro ZinZanni staff* to be thankful for:

I am thankful for amazing  co-workers. –Kristyn Grim, Group Sales and Events Manager

Thankful for continued creativity within a charmed circle…under the velvet canopy. – Louise DiLenge, Contessa Deluxe

I am thankful for space heaters. -Tina Gonsalves, Director of Marketing and Communications

I am so thankful to have a job and work for Veliere (Box Office Manager, Hospitality and GTC Concierge).  Its true; he’s an amazing boss and I’m happy to be employed!  Having an excuse to dress up, wear fun makeup, and some cool tights is just a bonus! – Priscilla Nyx, Box Office Associate

I am thankful for friends, family, and Kasey Keller! -April Glass, Marketing Coordinator

I am thankful to have such an amazing production team! –Stormy Edwards, Production Stage Manager

I am grateful for my life at Teatro ZinZanni.  There has not been a day when my alarm clock has gone off and I’ve dreaded going to work for I know that when I get there I will find a supportive team of artists and staff working together to make magic happen. -Nadia Tarnawsky, Events and Education Manager

I’m thankful to have this internship so I have the opportunity to gain professional experience and grow as a creative while working with an exciting staff. -Curtis Dickie, Marketing and Design Intern

I am thankful for data, and not the one from Star Trek. -Brian Richards, CRM and Reports Coordinator

I am thankful for Data, from The Goonies! -Korum Bischoff, Senior Graphic Designer

I am so thankful that a place like Teatro ZinZanni even exists and there are people like everyone involved with it keeping circus and unique venues healthy and alive. -Erik Carlson, Executive Chef

Thankful for my family and friends. -Matthew White, Merchandise Manager/Product Development

I am thankful for April Glass (the Marketing Coordinator). -Lindsay Karty, Web Content and Design

I’m grateful to work at an organization where glitter isn’t just acceptable – it’s practically a requirement. -Devon Bannon, Box Office Associate

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

*By no means are these all of the fabulous employees at Teatro ZinZanni Seattle!


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