Bonsoir 2011!!

We sat down to compile a list of all the events, shows, and antics that occurred in the tent over the last year.  After creating an exhaustive list, one thing became abundantly clear:

2011 was a crazy year for the circus!

And that is saying something!  Aside from our delightful dinner shows, we had a plethora of Big Top Rock concerts and carnivals, 12 saucy late-night Mezzo Lunatico shows, many circus camps, a Francine Reed concert, our Third Annual Gala, and so much more!

Hold on…

Sorry, our fingers cramped from all that typing.

Whew.  Okay…

After tallying everything up we put on over 300 show, led 12 camps, and had more than 70,000 guests – all under the big top. Antics and shenanigans count exceeded 10 million.

Revisit these wonderful memories in the slide show below and happy 2012!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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