Let’s Talk Shop…

…Prop Shop!

We made the long, arduous two mile drive to Teatro ZinZanni Headquarters to see where all (well, maybe not all) the magic happens. Our queen of props, scenery, and design Shauna Frazier, holds court in a cement, high-ceiling-ed palace riddled with trinkets do-dads from shows past. The prop shop is a place where a trio of different-sized unicycles suspended over a bicycle-powered dessert slide is the typical decor.

Shauna gave us the inside scoop on the fantastic props she is cooking up for our new show, ¡Caliente!.  Among the gems we spotted were maracas, calaca masks, pop guns, and so much more.  From what we’e seen, ¡Caliente! is promising to be a no-holds barred feast for all your senses.

Also, Shauna is a magician and has the coolest job, ever!

See Shauna’s work in action during ¡Caliente!


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