Ann Bernard Gets a Glowing Welcome

Dancer, choreographer and percussionist, Ann Bernard is adorable!  When you meet her, she is sweet, smiling, smart, and really funny.  When you see Ann perform in iCaliente!, she is a fierce dancing  musical instrument that will leave your jaw on the floor (pick that up, don’t you know people walk there?).

We are not the only ones to take notice of this multi-talented mistress!  Ann has a stellar interview with‘s writer, Sarah Foulkes.  Here are some highlights from the interview:

GT: How long have you been a part of the Teatro ZinZanni company?

AB: I did the ¡Caliente! show in San Francisco last year and now in Seattle. I am very happy to be part of ZinZanni again, it is so fantastic to play in that tent; it’s MAGIC! People are so close, I love it. Also, all the people working at ZinZanni are very nice. It’s wonderful to work with all of them. I am happy to be here, I feel very lucky!

GT: Did you always know that you wanted to perform?

AB: Yes, I did my first professional show when I was 18 years old and as soon as I started to perform on stage a felt a very strong feeling inside my body and my soul. I felt alive. As a child I was very quiet, but now I can make some noise and people seem to like it and applause with “WOW! FANTASTIC!”


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