“TZ’s ¡Caliente! Getting Warmer” says Heed the Hedonista

Foodie and blogger, Hedonista, visited the velvet-topped tent to sample our spicy new show, ¡Caliente! and to partake in our 5-course feast.  After an opulent meal, some seriously talented performers, and maybe a boa or two, we think she may be a ZinZanni convert.  Check out what she had to say:

“One option just may be the latest Love, Chaos and Dinner! show at Teatro Zinzanni (TZ). (Your Hedonista recently caught a show as media.) Dubbed ¡Caliente! Unleash Your Inner Jalapeno!, this is a spicy show with a bite … and a clearly Latin flavor, both in the show and in the food. ”

“While such TZ veterans as Christine Deaver (Tres), Robert Lopez (Cinco), and Les Petits Frères (Jacques, Lulu, and Coco) keep the audience both in stitches and in awe, the menu is also worthy of note…”

See the full article here!


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