Behind the Scenes: Recess Monkey

Jack from Recess Monkey and Oscar (his son and champion phone commander) dropped by the tent to plan out an upcoming series, In Tents.

What, you don’t know of In Tents?

Allow us to explain (and if you know about it, feel free to skip down to the photos below; Oscar looks wicked cute).  A few weeks ago, kindiependent band Recess Monkey recorded a live jam session for their new album right here in the tent.  A side note: Seeing them live was like an IV drip of sugar, in music form.  Between the catchy/witty songs and the astoundingly energetic musicians, it was impossible not to bounce around in the kiddie mosh pit.

Oh yes, we said kiddie mosh pit.  Don’t worry, the kids are all fine!

After Recess Monkey completed the live recording, they worked their magic and presto: In Tents was born (we may have just glossed over an incredible amount of work).  The album will be featured in a series of kid-friendly, rock-tastic shows beginning in May on select Saturdays and Sundays through July.  Boogie down with the whole family at this circus spectacular that features performers from Teatro ZinZanni‘s renowned dinner shows, as well as Seattle circus stars of tomorrow. Arrive early for pre-show activities and snacks!

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Tickets, get your Tickets here!

We’ll post more details as they become available.  Stay tuned!


One comment on “Behind the Scenes: Recess Monkey

  1. John May says:

    I want to personally Thank All of your great staff and show members. My wife and I had our 30th wedding celibration at your Wonderfull Dinner show on March 17th 2012 , we both laughed so hard and enjoyed the Music, Comedy, the Complete Stage show was just the best.
    I was chosen as “Mr. Caliente ” with over 250 people there, Who knows how that happened ? BUT that night and It turned out that I am a seasoned Drummer ,so it was Great Fun for me to participate. The food was wonderfull and cooked to perfection. the service was outstanding, We will tell all of family and friends abouth this wonderful little Secret here in Seattle. we look forward to when you have your next attraction, Thank You all for making our Night a very specical one.
    John May

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