Rush Tickets Are Here

No, rush tickets does not mean tickets to see the band Rush, who sang devastating hits in the 70ies and 80ies (such as “Freewill” and “Tom Sawyer”).  We will begin offering rush tickets to select shows!!!!

But what does that mean, you ask?  Well, for those raving Teatro ZinZanni fans who cannot afford tickets as often as they would like, now is your chance to nab night of show general admission tickets  for the insanely low price of $59 per person(plus tax of $2.75)!!!  Same great show, same delicious feast, but at a lower price.  Rush tickets will get you in the door, but do not include any additional menu enhancements, delicious wine, ingenious specialty cocktails, the $10 per person dinning room service charge, or fabulous boutique items.

Of course there is a catch.  To get rush tickets you have to do a jig outside in a bear or clown costume.

Just kidding!

On the specific nights these gems are available, (these shows will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, and a sandwich board outside) you must queue up outside the box office window 90 minutes prior to show.  Show times differ so pay close attention: Wednesday-Saturday shows begin at 6:30 PM, so get here at 5:00PM. Sunday shows begin at 5:30PM, so get here at 4:00PM for your chance at these beauties.   There is a limited number of these seats, so not everyone in line will get them.  It behooves you lovelies to arrive early!

Don’t be greedy!  Due to high demand we will only allow four tickets per person.

Important points to remember:

  • $59 per person, general admission tickets
  • Price does not including $2.75 tax, menu enhancements & drinks, $10 per person dinning room service charge, or boutique items
  • Arrive 90 minutes prior to show
  • Limited quantity, so get here early
  • Four tickets per person maximum
  • $59 per person!!!

For further explanation, see this!

If you are not a fan of chance, you can always get your tickets in advance.

And now, for some RUSH!!!!!


One comment on “Rush Tickets Are Here

  1. Makenzie says:

    This is great news! Can’t wait to check out Caliente

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