Waving Our Flag All Over The Place

If we had a flag to wave all over the place, it would be rainbow-colored (like the flag above) and we would let it fly with reckless abandon.  After last weekend’s Pride Fest 2012, that flag would be worn out from all the reckless waving we put it through.  Did you see us emcee or performing on various stages at the Seattle Center during the Pride festivities?  Oh good, please send us photos.  We fell into a multicolored time vortex and neglected to capture anything on camera.  We blame all the scintillating eye candy, feathers, and glitter for distracting us.

We love Pride and everything it stands.  It gives everyone here at the velvet-topped tent goosebumps being surrounded by such a loving and supportive community.  To keep that warm, happy feeling through the chilly, damp June in Seattle (and wave our flag a little longer), we are proud to offer a special Pride rate of $25 off Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday evening performances of Gangsters of Love, throughout the month of July.  Call our wonderful Box Office at (206)802-0015 and ask for the “Pride” rate.

And to keep that warm glow that only Pride can give you burning bright, we are throwing a post-pride party of theatrical proportions!  Why this weekend, June 30th,  DeLouRue Presents: Fancy Schmancy!!!  For one night only Teatro ZinZanni becomes CLUB ZINZANNI for a booty-shaking extravaganza sure to bring the tent down (because of all the shaking, get it)!  Stellar performance lineup to include: DJ Nark, Dance Belt USA, BenDeLaCreme, Kitten LaRue, Lou Henry Hoover, Cherdonna Shinatra, and hot go-go boys and gurrrls. And just announced, the lovely, talented and vivacious Dreya Weber will be joining this cavalcade of stars. 21 & up only.  Leave the kiddies at home and come get your swerve on until dawn (okay, not dawn more like 1:30 AM).

Find out more here!

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