New Show Coming Soon

A show without a name?  Who do we think we are, Prince? We are neck-deep in the process of building a new show and the title is proving trickier than usual. No need to fret, this is all part of the creative process.

Here’s what we know:

Gracie Hansen (if you don’t know about her, please do the world a favor and read up because she is a true Seattle Pioneer) is throwing a World of Tomorrow themed party at her club, Paradise International in September 1962. But now she needs an audience for this party…  Simple enough, she uses her trusty time machine to snag an audience from 50 years in the future to join the party.

Did we mention Gracie’s club has some swanky visitors on this particular night?

Who? Oh it’s just a little someone known as ELVIS PRESLEY! Oh, and someone else you might know: JIMI HENDRIX! And who could forget, hi-ya: BRUCE LEE!

Seriously, did we even need to put hyperlinks on those names?

We are still tossing around ideas for a title (let us know if you think of something brilliant). Title ideas range from “A Night at the Paradise,” “Saving the World from Science,” to “Paradise International.” Stay tuned for more updates.


3 comments on “New Show Coming Soon

  1. Mary K says:

    How about “Evening in Paradise?”

  2. […] have a name for the show that, as of last week, was nameless. Rejoice! We’re […]

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