Thaddillac, Solid Gold

Return to Paradise

We have a name for the show that, as of last week, was nameless. Rejoice! We’re done!

Wait, there’s more? Oh right, the SHOW.

We are deep into the process of building our fall/winter production, Return to Paradise, with the momentum of a snowball. The sheer volume of work required to create a show from start to finish could only be described as staggering. Boggling?  Spectacular? Bogglingly spectacular, yet staggering.

From building costumes, to script writing, to mapping a floor plan, the amount of precision involved really baffles the brain. Really! It is a labor of love for everyone here at the tent. With just under eight weeks left until the new show opens, we will attempt to encapsulate this effort in words, photos, and video.

And now, we are proud to introduce the first of Return to Paradise‘s many incoming cast members, Thaddillac aka Thaddeus Turner playing Jimi Hendrix.  And this cat has chops (we’ve always wanted to say that)! But seriously, he can shred a guitar like, well, Jimi Hendrix and he co-founded a non-profit Totem Star Records, a youth-run record label (which is just what you do when you are an amazing person).  

Could he be anymore awesome?

Yes! Watch this video.

Here is snippet from his bio on Reverbnation:

“Thaddillac (aka Thaddeus Turner) has been tearing up the Seattle music scene for years as both a live performer and respected studio musician. Often compared to the diverse guitar stylings of Jimi Hendrix, Prince and Peter Frampton, Thaddeus Turner’s trademark guitar playing is the pillar of the West Coast music scene. Combining the beauty of traditional soul with the power of rock, mixed with his talk­box stylings, Thaddeus has gained a loyal national following. As lead guitarist for the Seattle Heavy Soul band Maktub, Turner has received glowing praise from Rolling Stone Magazine, NPR and the Seattle Times. Turner has toured with such notables as Cherrywine, Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam, Digable Planets, as well as with Dave Matthews and India.Arie. His versatility as a guitar player has gained him national recognition for his unique sound and passionate playing.”


One comment on “Thaddillac, Solid Gold

  1. […] did, however, have a sushi lunch with Thaddillac dressed as Jimi Hendrix (which is probably waaaay better).  The shoot began as most photo shoots […]

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