A Throat of Gold

Did you know that movie star and Hong Kong Cha-cha champion Bruce Lee had a wife? Wah?!?  He also had a son (but that’s a story for another time).

Linda Lee Cadwell was Bruce’s wife and a student of the ancient art of awesome called Kung Fu.  In our upcoming show, Return to Paradise, the part of Linda will be played by the versatile, va-va-voom vocalist, Jen Ayers.

The singer, actress and songwriter was also featured in our Cinco de Mayo late night celebration earlier this year.  Jen fronts the band Honey Tongue and can also be seen rocking out in Dream On, an all-girl Aerosmith tribute band.  She’s like a blonde Steven Tyler (without the Y chromosome, of course).

We’re not the only one under this flaxen siren’s hypnotic spell:

“Jen Ayers’ full-throated, Annie Lennox-style delivery pushes the song “I Wanna Go” into the stratosphere.” -Seattle Post-Intelligenceer

Honey Tongue’s sound is driven by Ayers’ velvety delivery…she has a throat that could go one-on-one with any rock diva…her songwriting skirts the shallow themes that usually come with pop, and settle upon introspective and intelligent lyrics.” -Chicago CityGuide

“House Of Thee Unholy [at Seattle’s Triple Door] is a collection of burlesque dance numbers, with a bit of cabaret style comedy thrown in, set to driving, rock music (covers of Led Zeppelin tunes). The music is supplied by a live 8-piece rock band, featuring vocalist Jen Ayers who delivers powerful, mind-blowing vocals. The band alone is worth the price of admission.”  -Examiner.com

In 2012 Jen unveiled her first solo CD, “Every Day Is A Parade,” a rock-music-to-motherhood journey inspired by the magical island of Bali.


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